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Investment consultations and other consulting services

Investment consultations and other consulting services

For over 27 years now, through the course of operation of the Impact company, we have been gaining extensive theoretical and practical experience in the field. Our team consists of highly qualified experts: economists, financial specialists, certified professional accountants and engineers, who have specialised in various Bulgarian and international institutions and universities. 


We offer a wide range of consulting services in the following areas:


Business management and organisatio


  • Business plans and financial programs; 
  • Cost-benefit analysis of investments; 
  • Financial and legal analysis; 


Other investment consultations


  • Consultations regarding real estate investment projects; 
  • Budget monitoring of investment projects; 
  • Sales strategies and consultation regarding existing ones; 
  • Preparation of tailored offers for participation in tenders or in negotiations with potential investors; 
  • Credit application consultation
  • Projects and research requested by the client, the nature of which is covered by the qualifications of our experts.

More services


We have gained vast experience in the process of valuations over the course of our over-27-years professional practice. The Impact company, as well as all of our experts, are qualified by The Chamber ...

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