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We have gained vast experience in the process of valuations over the course of our over-27-years professional practice. The Impact company, as well as all of our experts, are qualified by The Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB). Furthermore, some of them are certified as valuers by REV and/or RICS. 

We perform:

  • Valuations of real estate; 
  • Business valuations of companies; 
  • Valuations of fixed and current assets; 
  • Valuations of receivables and payables of companies; 
  • Valuation of assets, liabilities and companies undergoing liquidation; 
  • Valuation of identifiable assets and liabilities during the auditing process, in accordance to international financial reporting standards (IFRS); 
  • Mortgage valuations;  
  • Valuations for taxation purposes. 

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Investment consultations and other consulting services

For over 27 years now, through the course of operation of the Impact company, we have been gaining extensive theoretical and practical experience in the field. Our team consists of highly qualified ex...

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